Precautions For Safe Handling

Precautions For Safe Handling

Ignition of wax
The flash point of wax is above 200 , and it is not flammable, but please do not approach high temperature or fire source. At the same time, avoid placing or immersing combustible items such as cloth, paper and insulation materials in high temperature wax for a long time. Keep wax products away from heat sources.

Boiling of wax
Be careful when heating wax to melt it. The wax heats and melts into a colorless and transparent liquid. Water has obvious symptoms when it is boiled at 100 , but the wax is 100
Like vapour like cold water. If water is accidentally added or mixed into the hot wax above 100 , the water will boil immediately after absorbing heat, which will cause the molten wax to be everywhere.
Flying is very dangerous.

Spread of wax
The wax temperature in the molten state is extremely high. In case of splashing or sticking to the skin with molten wax, immediately rinse with plenty of cold water to cool down.

Expansion and contraction of wax Volume change
Due to the expansion and contraction of wax should be treated with caution.

Discoloration of wax

Wax easily absorbs ultraviolet rays and discolors. Avoid direct sunlight.

Deterioration of wax
Wax is easily heated and deteriorated or oxidized
(1) Long-term melting wax is susceptible to deterioration by air oxidation
(2) If the wax contains impurities, the oxide will change quickly when it is heated and melted.
(3) Wax deteriorates quickly when contacted with easily oxidizable metals such as copper or copper alloys.
(4) Wax absorbs odor easily and avoids storing in odorous places.

Waxy smooth
Smoothness is a characteristic of wax. But pay attention to slipping injuries when there is uneven wax on the floor in the workplace. Regularly clean up the work place to reduce accidents.

Do not swallow
Wax is a natural product. It does not cause harm to the human body when ingested, but it is not a food. It must be stored in a place that is not easily accessible to children.