Product Description

Product Description

Product Description
  The refined paraffin and microcrystalline wax produced by TAIWAN WAX COMPANY LTD. are extracted from the lubricating base oil after hydrogenation treatment, and then made into high-purity paraffin by vacuum distillation, solvent deoiling, and purification, decolorization, and deodorization. The main components of fully refined paraffin are saturated straight-chain hydrocarbons, with carbon numbers between 20 and 55, molecular weights between 280 and 800, white crystals at room temperature, melting point between 54 and 75 ° C, and colorless, odorless and transparent liquids after melting. It has excellent chemical stability, waterproofness, and air tightness, and its low volatility. It does not generate harmful gas during combustion, and is easily biodegraded after burial without environmental protection problems. Paraffin waxes with a melting point of more than 165 ° F have a carbon number between 40 and 80, a molecular weight between 500 and 800, and an iso-hydrocarbon content of up to 50-70%. They will form a microcrystalline form called microcrystalline wax.

Main Products

1. 125 fully refined paraffin wax
2. 135 fully refined paraffin wax
3. 140 fully refined paraffin wax
4. 145 fully refined paraffin wax
5. 156 fully refined paraffin wax
6. 160 fully refined paraffin wax
7. 180 microcrystalline wax

Wax Quality Characteristics

Wax production process obtained ISO9001 (2015) certification in 2019
Concentrated carbon number for wax layer gas layer analysis, high reproducibility, and quality close to that of special wax
The wax product undergoes a hydrogenation reduction process, which has strong resistance to oxidation and UV.
Wax products meet RoHS and USFDA specifications
Fully refined paraffin with low oil content
Fully refined paraffin
Low sulfur content in wax products