Company Prospects

  The petroleum wax industry is part of the petrochemical industry. From investment and construction, engineering design, process planning to mass production and other steps, highly specialized technology is required. Manufacturing methods and technologies also need to be continuously improved and refined for a long time, so the high level of technology, coupled with the large amount of equipment investment, has formed a high technology threshold and capital-intensive industries. TAIWAN WAX COMPANY LTD. was established in 1987. Although it has been a difficult journey, it has always adhered to the quality policy of "Quality First, Leading Technology, Customer First, Sustainable Management" for many years. Thanks to our efforts, we have established a good reputation in the domestic wax manufacturing industry.
  Our company continuously invests manpower and capital in process improvement to improve capacity utilization, product yield and product quality, and reduce production costs. It also actively develops industrial waxes to make products more diversified and high value-added. Both the quality and delivery date have won the trust of customers, and gradually get rid of the entanglement of cheap wax products on the mainland; coupled with the development of the petroleum wax industry and the needs of various industries, and the supply can not be increased due to the new process switching to the cracking process, The market price of wax products has stabilized and gradually rebounded slightly.
  In recent years, due to technological breakthroughs in the petroleum wax industry, the quality has become more sophisticated, and the development of industrial formulated waxes has been expanded, and products can be widely used in various fields, so the market development still has a wide space. Therefore, our company continues to strengthen the improvement of production technology and process, improve product quality and expand production capacity, reduce production costs, and is committed to the development and grasp of new products and expand marketing channels, in order to strengthen the company's competitiveness and sustainable operation And continued growth.