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TAIWAN WAX COMPANY LTD. Double Performance

  TAIWAN WAX COMPANY LTD. is the leader in the domestic paraffin wax market. The company has transformed Rio Tinto's new aquatic business and imported high-end aquatic products such as salmon and king crab in Norway, Iceland, Chile and other places.
  The revenue of the TAIWAN WAX COMPANY LTD. in the past three months. The revenue of November 2019 surpassed 175 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of 4.07 times, setting a new monthly revenue for nearly six and a half years. The revenue in December 2019 also maintained. High growth of 170 million yuan, an annual growth rate of 1.97 times; January 2020 revenue of 143 million yuan, an annual growth rate of 1.36 times, a three-month consecutive growth.