Company Vision

Company Vision
Become a leading supplier of wax production and R & D in Asia
  The petroleum wax industry is part of the petrochemical industry. From investment and construction, engineering design, process planning to mass production and other steps, highly specialized technology is required. Manufacturing methods and technologies also need to be continuously improved and refined for a long time, so the high level of technology, coupled with the large amount of equipment investment, has formed a high technology threshold and capital-intensive industries. Thanks to the efforts of the business class and all my colleagues, TAIWAN WAX COMPANY LTD. has established an excellent reputation in the wax manufacturing industry.
  In recent years, the company has continued to strengthen production technology and process improvements, improve product quality and expand production capacity, reduce production costs, and is committed to the development of new products to increase output and market share, and actively develop with mainland China and Southeast Asian oil-producing countries With the cooperation, we can build Taiwan Wax Company into a research and development and industrial center of Asian wax industry.

Favorable factors for development vision
The global petroleum wax market will continue to grow in the future, and the potential market is huge. cooperation with foreign industries to effectively grasp information and technology sources. quality stability, well received by customers. production and sales supply chain capabilities to effectively reduce production costs.