Institutional Investors' Conference

Institutional Investors' Conference(20200108)

Subject: Our company was invited to participate in the corporate briefing held on January 8, 2020
Compliance: Section 12
In accordance with Article 4, paragraph XX: 12
Facts occurred: 2020/01/08
1. Date of legal person briefing: 2020/01/08
2. Time for holding corporate briefing: 14:30
3. Venue of Legal Person Briefing: 15th Floor, No. 188, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Taipei City
(Meeting Room, 15th Floor, Headquarters of China National Securities Corporation)
4.Legal information for legal person briefing: Our company was invited to participate in a legal briefing organized by IBF Securities Co., Ltd. to explain the company's operating profile, future outlook and financial business related information.
5. Other matters to be stated: The briefing content will be announced at the public information observatory after the meeting.
For complete financial business information, please refer to the list of legal person briefings of public information observation stations or under the items of the legal briefings.

The Chinese and English briefings of the Fa Conference will be available on our website