Company Information

Company Information

I. Organizational Structure
2. Business operations of each major department
Setting of managers
Organization and operation of internal audit

I. Organizational Structure

2. Business operations of each major department
Main department Main functions of each department
General Manager's Office Formulation and promotion of strategic planning, business policies and goals. Supervise the execution of all company operations.
Audit room The establishment of the company's internal audit system and the drafting and implementation of audit plans.
Check and evaluate whether the internal control system is sound and provide analysis suggestions.
Business Department Business Section Responsible for product sales, market promotion and investigation, production and marketing strategy planning, customer service, payment collection and other operations.
Signing of orders and contracts, control of goods shipment.
Develop and execute sales forecasts and marketing plans.
Responsible for all quality inspection and tracking of raw materials. Develop new products, improve product designs and establish quality control systems.
Production Department Environment
Assist the company in various operations during operations in compliance with government regulations and requirements.
Promote enterprise risk management, establish a safety and health management system through systematic procedures, implement operations and improve and implement them.
Supervise and manage industrial safety, environmental protection, fire protection, and energy-related businesses, apply for change changes, and calculate and declare operations.
The company manufactures products and formulates production plans based on sales plans.
Process equipment operation and supervision control product specifications and production equipment operation data collection, accumulation and reporting.
Execution and supervision of start / stop and maintenance work.
Establish inventory control, packaging, shipment installation and warehousing management in cooperation with the Manufacturing and Business Divisions. Operation and supervision of decolorization and deodorization equipment and wax block machine. Receipt, storage, picking and packaging of finished wax blocks, filling of liquid wax, and other hand-shopped products, sorting and recording.
Cooperate with production plan, draw up annual maintenance work plan and equipment update and maintenance plan and implementation. Draw up a routine equipment maintenance system. Perform equipment installation, troubleshooting or change, construction supervision and repair work.
General Affairs Section Planning and execution of labor health insurance business and other administrative tasks, project contracting and procurement related matters. Responsible for the maintenance of sanitary facilities and the cleaning of the environment. Preparation and organization of employee-related benefits, planning of employee retirement system.
Accounting Section Draw up the annual budget preparation process of the company and each unit and assist each unit in the preparation, compilation and implementation of budget control, tracking and evaluation.
Revision of internal control and various financial management procedures, calculation and declaration of various tax payments.
Production cost calculation and accounting processing operations, variance analysis and abnormal tracking, and other related accounting-related administrative operations.

Calculation and declaration of various taxes.
Banking and capital related business.

3. Setting of managers

job title Name Major education (education)
And general manager
Vice Chairman Wen-Zhe Lin World union cultural co., Ltd. Principal
Assistant manager
Zhen-Yuan  Liao Chinachem Green Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy President and Spokesperson
A POINT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Associate of Finance and Management Department
VISUAL PHOTONICS EPITAXY CO., LTD. Director and Spokesperson

4.Organization and operation of internal audit
1. Internal audit organization:
   (1) Establish an internal audit unit under the board of directors.
   (2) Full-time auditors: 1
2. Internal audit operation:
   (1) The auditing operations were conducted in accordance with the Order No. 09405000929 of the Financial Supervision and Administration Commission of the Executive Yuan 94.12.19 Golden Management Certificate Auditing Word and
               Order No. 094000509521 deals with the "Guidelines for Establishing an Internal Control System for Public Issuing Companies" and related regulations.
   (2) The main contents of the audit operation:
       A. According to the results of the risk assessment, an internal audit plan is set for the next year and reported to the board of directors, and the scope of the audit project covers important control operations.
       B. Perform auditing operations according to plan and report "Internal Audit Report".
       C. Defects and abnormalities in the internal control system found during follow-up inspections, and regular “tracking reports” to ensure that the relevant units have taken appropriate improvement measures in a timely manner.
       D. Supervise the internal units and subsidiaries to check the internal control system on a regular basis every year, and submit the “Self-inspection Summary Report” and the “Statement of Internal Control System Statement” to the board of directors.
       E. The following reportable matters stipulated are completed within the required period:
           (a) The next annual internal audit plan (by the end of December each year).
           (b) Roster of internal auditors (before the end of January of each year).
           (c) Implementation of the internal audit plan for the previous year (before the end of February of each year).
           (d) Statement of internal control system (before the end of April each year).
           (e) The lack of internal control and improvement of abnormal events in the previous year (before the end of May each year).
       F. After the audit report and follow-up report are reviewed, they shall be delivered to the supervisor for inspection before the end of the month following the completion of the audit project.
       G. Be present at the board of directors as required and report the audit business to the board of directors and the supervisor.